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  2. witanlore

    I may have been a bit too harsh on that previous post so let me suggest something more positive. In situations like this I've seen some indie developers work on small side projects to keep the funding going. One option you could consider doing is creating a short cRPG in the Witanlore world. Perhaps an adventure centered around a "legendary" character mentioned in Dreamtime. Since this would be an isometric game it would be much easier to put together models, textures, animations, etc. And the best part is that you already have an established universe and lore to pull from. Once it's released you'll have a finished game to reference when you do your next campaign for Witanlore. Anyway, just something to consider.
  3. witanlore

    It's been a few months since I've checked up on Witanlore progress so I completely missed the new campaign. I think you guys should try again on Fig or Kickstarter but first you need to figure out how you're going to present this to the public. I've been watching this project for years now and I feel like the same mistakes keep happening over and over again and until these can be solved you're going to have funding problems. The first video on your campaign page needs to be as polished as possible and show the the potential player what this game is all about. Some vague dialogue tied to cut-scenes of characters walking around a typical forest doesn't really tell us anything important. If you're going for atmosphere instead of gameplay then you need to put forward something that's unique and draws the viewer into your world. The viewer might ask: Why should I care about this world? What is this game about? Are there any cool environments? What's the story? You don't necessarily have to answer all of these questions but you should make sure what you do answer is compelling. I saw this trailer recently and it blew me away: It's drenched in atmosphere. The setting is visually unique, appealing, and calling out to be explored. The graphics are on point, the animations are smooth and cool to look at. The whole time I was thinking: Wouldn't it be awesome if there was an RPG in this setting? Now I don't expect you to change your game into a lovecraftian hellscape but I think it's important to recognize some of the characteristics I pointed out above and decide how you want to present your game. Maybe your introduction video starts off in a beautiful cave that's hiding a really creepy monster and the viewer keeps seeing movements of this thing that's lurking in the shadows. But then it's revealed that this monster is actually a caring quest giver which allows you to show off your dialogue system and then cut to some combat footage, aerial views of stunning landscapes and possibly some lore to tie it altogether. You had a little bit of this in the second campaign video but the characters came off as a bit stiff or wonky and the contents of the video just seemed a little... boring? I felt like I was looking at an oblivion mod page instead of a brand new universe to explore. Since you don't have a history of released games backing you up people are going to be hesitant to support something that appears to be more of the same content-wise and that is why having a gripping trailer is so crucial to success. Sorry to rain on your work but if this doesn't get addressed the project is going to keep stumbling.
  4. Yes, content creators are welcome to make content using beta footage of Witanlore Dreamtime! :)
  5. Is it okay to produce content based on the beta game? Thanks
  6. Hello, I'm new here nice to meet you. 

    1. RavenMind


      Hi dragonight1993! Welcome to the forums. :)

  7. witanlore

    That's a real relief. Glad it's still going.
  8. witanlore

    Everything is still alive. The devs have said that the next update is a large one so they'll be busy with that right now. Also, the Indiegogo campaign starts in October, so prepping that will have kept things busy. Here's the prelaunch page https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/keep-witanlore-dreamtime-on-steam-early-access-rpg-adventure/coming_soon If you're on Twitter then you can get some updates there from @DruidGameworks. I know from my experience that writing something for the public is difficult and time consuming so a quick tweet takes away less development time than a full update. Especially without a full-time PR-type person.
  9. So, the devs for Witanlore have been noticeably silent for a while now. The latest update was in July, and they haven't updated the Dev Blog since May, nor can I find any recent posts here in the forums about the game's status. I've seen devs dump a game into Early Access, then get bored and leave it. I'm really hoping this neat game won't end up the same. Witanlore is extremely ambitious for a small studio, so I'd understand why someone would maybe cut their losses and leave it, but it'd feel less underhanded if they at least said they were doing that.
  10. i spend most of my time playing in first person, hadn't noticed a misalignment with the first person view. though i might just be loosing my touch.
  11. Kia ora Shame this is not being followed up with, I know there's a lot going on BUT a month or more at time and no responses from Dev's
  12. Kia ora Not sure where else I should put this but it seems fitting that the tile suits These three wee videos I hope will help you see what I see and give more info accurately than I could write https://www.dropbox.com/s/nynown7nfi2dq35/2017-08-31 17-33-04.mp4?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/48fr0180ahsszw2/2017-08-31 17-38-39.mp4?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/62egavkyw6817zp/2017-08-31 17-45-54.mp4?dl=0 I don't know if your design is more to play in third person or not, Oh and while I'm thinking of it I wonder if the first person camera doesn't need to move lightly left and turn a little to make the view look straight ahead rather than jus straight forward from the over shoulder third person Any way hope this helps
  13. Just popping in to update on our progress. We've shipped Build 16 on Steam EA with a whole caboodle of improvements! This is the last update at the $6.99 price point so if you want the lowest price, don't miss your chance! With Build 17 the game play content doubles so the price will be going up to $9.99. Witanlore: Dreamtime on Steam Early Access We also updated the game play trailer though it's already behind our current state, such is the developers life! :D https://youtu.be/R7Qh9Goahb0
  14. Kia ora here I go again lol good looking water https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?42092-Community-Project-WIP-Weather-amp-Ocean-Water-Shader
  15. the only option i know of in such a situation atm, is to use the fast-forward function and bring morning back, then tackle the cave.
  16. Kia ora Maybe they warming his paws while he scrolls over the brail, blind people are not living in total blackness, keep in mind that some blind while can't see to function can see dark and like While I'm at it I put a wee wall of text on steam should I have put it here, I will and those with the power can fell free to erase if need be As I said in the keybindings thread I like the F key for first/third person, it reachable while moving, I went into a Cave near the game start, had to find a kid, nough said right, anyway it was black as pitch in there and the textures where mostly the same or similar and I fall into the water stuc cause I could not see, I loaded a save and the cave took a whole new look and was lit normaly. I feel there needs to be a little more notice either visually or sound, maybe both for equiping things, if theres is more of a sound than that clunk I did not hear it as a hearing impaired person, so there for was not sure if I had change armours or weapons, the same was my expereance whe beating on a boar, it was fr me hard to tell if I was hitting or not. I look at what I'm hitting so I did not notice for some time the line colour changing in the circle with the slash's in it. With that said,.. Bloody cracker guys, I'm enjoying this so far, drop us some torchs tho, dark as for us half blind ole geezzers at night
  17. Ok, daytime TV officially sucks. 

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    2. Grond


      Try SlingTV - maybe you can find the right handful of channels. 

    3. Donnato


      I don`t have wi-fi in my cave and my TV is an Admiral from the 90`s.    With only one monitor my PC is not an option.

    4. Grond


      D A D G U M M I T

  18. interesting idea, though we already see forged weapons in game. most of those are samoan & incan in origin right?
  19. After 23 years on the job ... on Friday 5-12 ... I`ll finally be free...

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    2. Donnato


      Thanks but it was not my first choice .

    3. Grond


      Then I retract my congrats and instead offer my condolences...

    4. Donnato


      Nah, I`ll still take the congorats .. :D

  20. I don't know what all is being made for the game, equipment wise, but weapons in the promotional stuff I've seen so far seems to be usual medieval style weapons (sorry if i just didn't look hard enough) DEFINITELY not saying it's a bad thing cuz I love those, but I have never seen a more perfect setting in a game to use a couple other types of weaponry. I definitely don't mean to bone-headedly try and push you guys to do a thing, but this is just an open idea for you guys to check out and do with what you will. Watching some videos online I found something that IMMEDIATELY made me think of the Ursines. It was a video on some of the crazy tribal weaponry used by pre-metalworking cultures, and some of it looks shockingly awesome. The images I've linked are just a small fraction of the crazy inventive and absolutely deadly looking weapons made by actual tribal cultures. So if this happens to spark any sort of interest with anybody, either in the community or whatever, there's plenty more to see online ^_^ If nothing else, here's just some cool pictures for everyone :3 Most of these are obviously melee weaponry but I'd be remiss to not include the ranged Bolas and.... throwing.. rock? (Still looks pretty deadly to me >.>) OH It's jade!!... Sorry Maori, I totally just.. you know what, I'm gonna just stop digging myself a hole right now.
  21. Before we hit a year between posts here... :) I learned about Witanlore due to the Kickstarter (awkward segue incoming) and another project I backed through there is out this Friday. Mystery Science Theater 3000 is back and will be on Netflix. If you've never heard of it, it debuted on KTMA in Minneapolis and ran for 10 more seasons on the Comedy Channel and SciFi. The premise is that a guy is trapped in space with some robots and is forced to watch bad movies by some mad scientists, he and the bots get through the movies by making funny comments about them. (Manos wasn't this slow, get to the point!) It was finally cancelled in 1999 but in 2015 over 48,000 of us raised enough money to make 14 new episodes! All the hard work is done (except for reading this post you mean) so now all that's needed is eyeballs on screens. If you have Netflix or want to try the free month please check out MST3K and get the figures up so we can get more episodes. (Just as long as we don't get more of these posts) Comedy is subjective and not everyone "gets" MST3K but you might enjoy it. Be warned, riffing is addictive (you saying I'm an addict?! I can stop riffing any time I want! I...just don't want to right now) as you discover when you start riffing your own posts on a forum. Thanks.
  22. Wow, another legend has passed .. RIP Chuck Berry   ... History right there.,

  23. It's been suggested that I start a topic with my observations from playing Witanlore: Dreamtime. (thanx hana) But I figured we could all use it. During my first run through Dreamtime the first odd thing I noticed... was that the sword that I procured from (can't recall his name) has worse stats than the weapon I was replacing it with.
  24. Witanlore: Dreamtime on Steam Early Access
  25. Kia ora Sorry I'm still here lurking lol, if I stopped buying assets I'd maybe have more money to fling at your guys lol I bee fighting with UE4 and trying to get my head round it but it but found some stuff that might be of interest to you https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?78569-Poll-Affordable-Landscapes https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?121879-Affordable-Landscapes-2 https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/old-village https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/old-tavern https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/medieval-docks Yes they cost, but what would it cost to make such assets and how much time might they save is maybe the better question right? Was just a thought, maybe you knew of this stuff or are not interested in asset helpers I have no idea info is useless less it passed on
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