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  1. Love the new site layout

  2. Good luck bro - hope it all went well.
  3. On behalf of the devs, welcome aboard Necrovoker.
  4. Happy Birthday Kevin. I shall expect you to consume copious amounts of Eagle Rare.
  5. Joined and shared!!
  6. Fortunately, I get to watch USA hero Tim Howard every other week in the flesh. His world cup heroics came as no surprise as he has had a great season for Everton FC.
  7. More great stuff from Leo. I'd expect to see some spectacular views from that monastery,
  8. There has been lots of progress. The guys had an opportunity to try out one of the first quests in Dreamworld about 10 days ago and as an avid RPG player it was right on the money. From my own workflow, I finished up the Dreamworld Demo Sky about a week ago. Some of you may know me for the Climates of Tamriel mod for Skyrim. I can safely say that UE4 will enable us to have some amazing environmental weather stuff in game. Arthanswold will be an amazing, rich world to explore and like you, we want it now. Unfortunately, these things take time. We are currently laying down strong foundations for the series and the Unreal Engine will play a major part in that. The vision for the series is already clearly mapped out to the team, and we are very excited to make it happen. We all feel that we are involved in something quite unique and special. So we ask for patience from our followers. Eventually, we will end up with a phenomenal RPG gaming experience that everyone can be proud to be involved with.
  9. A few days into our Unreal Engine 4 training and its clear to see that it is a game engine that has phenomenal depth. The most interesting aspect to it is how user friendly this tool-set is. It is extremely intuitive and has a wonderful workflow, especially if you are an artist. It is already clear that the switch to UE4 will ensure that we produce quality titles.
  10. The team are excited about our shift to Unreal Engine 4. UE4's SDK will not only allow us to realize our vision of the game, but it will make the development process much smoother. There have been many flurries of excited dialogue between the team this week and everyone feels we have probably hit a watershed moment in DGS history.
  11. The DGS team has resembled a class taking exams these past two weeks, with everybody quiet and our heads buried in development. I've just finished a round of environmental assets (Mountains/Rocks etc) which I will hand over later on today. What can I say about modelling mountains and rocks? I suppose its like sculpting with clay. You have to trust you eye and stare at things for a long time from different angles to ensure its topography looks natural. It's very therapeutic.
  12. Our regular staff meeting was very productive. We brainstormed much of the time in relation to mechanics and there was a lot of good stuff being brought to the table. On a personal note, I've been rigging and animating various things and I have my new assignment for this week. It involves designing an exterior outpost area which is exciting.
  13. I could never envisage this team releasing a sub-standard game. All the DGS devs are ridiculously critical of their own as well as each others work. Our vision and goals for Unwritten are set at a high standard and we will not drop those standards for anything.
  14. The feeling is mutual Guin. I'm really looking forward to hearing the results. The entire team had a fantastic meeting yesterday as we welcomed three new members. They are great guys and contributed greatly to the session. There was lots of productive brainstorming going involving talented people, and it was a pleasure. I also finished the dungeon project draft I was assigned to do and I'm quite pleased with it. It will of course need more work, honing, polishing etc, but I believe I managed to create and transcribe the ideas in my head into a document with positive results. On a side note, I had the pleasure of chatting with guild members Blessed and Skyforger on Friday. Their warmth and enthusiasm is very uplifting and the contribution the guild members make to the entire process cannot be underestimated. Thanks guys!