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  1. i spend most of my time playing in first person, hadn't noticed a misalignment with the first person view. though i might just be loosing my touch.
  2. the only option i know of in such a situation atm, is to use the fast-forward function and bring morning back, then tackle the cave.
  3. interesting idea, though we already see forged weapons in game. most of those are samoan & incan in origin right?
  4. well, that explains that. but, i'm still not completely convinced... lit candles on a table near a few books, seems like someone likes to read at night. so, i guess he doesn't have a secret... um, visitor... does he?
  5. something else i noticed (and i think someone else might have mentioned something along these lines though)... the seer is blind; however, he has lit candles in and around his hut. is he pulling a fast one on us again?
  6. strangely enough... that's the only thing that's really stood out, thus far. or at least the only thing worth mentioning. that's kind of strange in and of itself, don't you think? ---edit actually, it's my birthday today... so it's kind of like the early access with dreamtime kind of feels like an early birthday gift. and, no i'm not actually that self obsessed. that's kind of an observation, no?
  7. It's been suggested that I start a topic with my observations from playing Witanlore: Dreamtime. (thanx hana) But I figured we could all use it. During my first run through Dreamtime the first odd thing I noticed... was that the sword that I procured from (can't recall his name) has worse stats than the weapon I was replacing it with.
  8. how could i not support this project. i've been a darkrider fanboy since oblivion. ---edit just in case there's any confusion... yes i just donated again, it's not a mistake. figured i don't have anything else to do with next months disposable income, so use it wisely.
  9. thanx, i happen to be a cookie monster myself. *munches on cookies*
  10. just figured i'd stop by and say hello... so, hello.
  11. i recently ran through the demo too. usually i lead with cons. the fame-rate was a tad low (like skyrim with hd texture mods and a touch of script lag), though still quite playable. perhaps it's my monster of a rig. animations need a bit of work, especially combat movement. walk speed isn't too bad, though maybe a walk/jogging + sprint function for those that complain about the walking speed. (like in skyrim) and the character models do need a bit of work. the character voices don't really sound like what i'd think talking bears would sound like, but it doesn't actually bother me, so that's more of an observation than a con. --yes. that's basically what the OP said... now, the pros. the environment is quite stunning, the shading/lighting, textures etc... (though the water needs a bit of work, not much... just a little) i too liked the ui, though in the demo, the map could have used a quest-marker or two (i couldn't find the character's foster father for instance) i liked the dialogue, even the humor... though that could mean i'm just a juvenile 32/33 year old. ---edit it just occurred to me that i didn't add my final opinion on the demo... well, i found it quite enjoyable. even though i never found... um, kit'ke (is that how it's spelled?)
  12. just made a donation. i swear that box wasn't there yesterday, or the day before.
  13. this project caught my eye a while back, while i was darting about on one of the nexus mod sites (witanlore was featured in one of their little snippets), and i've been checking back in occasionally... if i wasn't already supporting another project i would have pledged. well, a few months pass by, and i figure why not. though, i must be an idiot... as i can't seem to figure out how. you guys are still taking pledges right? ---edit i guess i should add... please, please take my money.