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  1. I don't know what all is being made for the game, equipment wise, but weapons in the promotional stuff I've seen so far seems to be usual medieval style weapons (sorry if i just didn't look hard enough) DEFINITELY not saying it's a bad thing cuz I love those, but I have never seen a more perfect setting in a game to use a couple other types of weaponry. I definitely don't mean to bone-headedly try and push you guys to do a thing, but this is just an open idea for you guys to check out and do with what you will. Watching some videos online I found something that IMMEDIATELY made me think of the Ursines. It was a video on some of the crazy tribal weaponry used by pre-metalworking cultures, and some of it looks shockingly awesome. The images I've linked are just a small fraction of the crazy inventive and absolutely deadly looking weapons made by actual tribal cultures. So if this happens to spark any sort of interest with anybody, either in the community or whatever, there's plenty more to see online ^_^ If nothing else, here's just some cool pictures for everyone :3 Most of these are obviously melee weaponry but I'd be remiss to not include the ranged Bolas and.... throwing.. rock? (Still looks pretty deadly to me >.>) OH It's jade!!... Sorry Maori, I totally just.. you know what, I'm gonna just stop digging myself a hole right now.