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  1. FYI; When someone has time, you guys should add Witanlore to the Twitch directory of games.
  2. What better way to party with the bears on EA release day (January 24th!) than to watch it, live! My son will be playing Witanlore for the first time ever on his Twitch channel so come join the fun and see what it's all about! Shortly after its unlocked on Steam, approx. 3PM EDT (or noon PDT). Find the channel here; https://www.twitch.tv/encee_rz
  3. For those of you that haven't seen or heard (I just stumbled across this, caught by surprise) the owner of Nexus, Robin, has posted an interview with our own devs Cole, Herb and Matt. Full article here. It's a great read and wonderful exposure for Witanlore! Spread the word!
  4. Not a beta test issue so going to move this into general forum. I can upload pics just fine. Could you provide more details please?
  5. And it just dropped that picture in there twice, and all the formating of my post was lost and shoved into one long sentence. There was at least three "new lines" in there for spacing.
  6. Couple of things I've noticed; On the left side of the forum, there's an arrow labeled Manage Blocks. So I did. You can move, remove content blocks as you like, which is real cool. However, the changes apparently don't stay between visits. For example, I removed the jukebox from the top of the forum, and now it's back. (Sorry Guin! No offense, lol. I just didn't like it there) The other thing is after posting, the quick reply box under your post has formatting tags in it. Looks odd.
  7. It was a wonderful show, thanks Guin!
  8. I'd like to add my thanks to Adam as well for this. Not only was it informative and interesting, it was a blast as well! So come on, guys. Get on there and show us what you can do!
  9. Good luck and/or congratulations!
  10. I'll be there with my auction paddle! +1 great idea.
  11. Well that's pretty cool! And someone can have the claim to fame of "Hey! That's me in the animation!" Thank you very much for the update week, I'm very impressed with how everything is looking so far. Simply amazing. Happy Holidays to the Druid team!
  12. Climbing! Character models look amazing. I can really see by all these updates how well this is coming together!
  13. I'm truly just in awe...
  14. Hey, there's a face in that rock .... or am I seeing things? Simply awesome work, guys! Can't wait!