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  1. Ok, daytime TV officially sucks. 

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    2. Grond


      Try SlingTV - maybe you can find the right handful of channels. 

    3. Donnato


      I don`t have wi-fi in my cave and my TV is an Admiral from the 90`s.    With only one monitor my PC is not an option.

    4. Grond


      D A D G U M M I T

  2. After 23 years on the job ... on Friday 5-12 ... I`ll finally be free...

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    2. Donnato


      Thanks but it was not my first choice .

    3. Grond


      Then I retract my congrats and instead offer my condolences...

    4. Donnato


      Nah, I`ll still take the congorats .. :D

  3. Wow, another legend has passed .. RIP Chuck Berry   ... History right there.,

  4. Yup, happy birthday Casper. Kind of a cool coincidence. Another emote I want back > :cookie4u:
  5. Yaayy, thanks. To tell the truth, I also needed directions at one point. Heheheh..
  6. Hello and welcome Casper. On the forums page, scroll all the way down. Above the "who`s on line" bar is says Support Druid ... click on that.
  7. Ok, one new SSD is here. Next month I buy the other and BAMMO good bye old HDDs and all the collected bloat and hidden problems.

  8. Yaayyy   Christmas rum fruitcake is on it`s way.

  9. Wish I could but I`m at my limit for a while.
  10. Done and done.
  11. Who will be attending with you?
  12. Ok, done and done.
  13. Thanks Grizz... done, and done.
  14. I don`t see the donate thingy. Also last time it only let me go $100.