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Everything posted by Donnato

  1. Ok, daytime TV officially sucks. 

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    2. Grond


      Try SlingTV - maybe you can find the right handful of channels. 

    3. Donnato


      I don`t have wi-fi in my cave and my TV is an Admiral from the 90`s.    With only one monitor my PC is not an option.

    4. Grond


      D A D G U M M I T

  2. After 23 years on the job ... on Friday 5-12 ... I`ll finally be free...

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    2. Donnato


      Thanks but it was not my first choice .

    3. Grond


      Then I retract my congrats and instead offer my condolences...

    4. Donnato


      Nah, I`ll still take the congorats .. :D

  3. Wow, another legend has passed .. RIP Chuck Berry   ... History right there.,

  4. Yup, happy birthday Casper. Kind of a cool coincidence. Another emote I want back > :cookie4u:
  5. Yaayy, thanks. To tell the truth, I also needed directions at one point. Heheheh..
  6. Hello and welcome Casper. On the forums page, scroll all the way down. Above the "who`s on line" bar is says Support Druid ... click on that.
  7. Ok, one new SSD is here. Next month I buy the other and BAMMO good bye old HDDs and all the collected bloat and hidden problems.

  8. Yaayyy   Christmas rum fruitcake is on it`s way.

  9. Wish I could but I`m at my limit for a while.
  10. Done and done.
  11. Who will be attending with you?
  12. Ok, done and done.
  13. Thanks Grizz... done, and done.
  14. I don`t see the donate thingy. Also last time it only let me go $100.
  15. Woohoo new phone is on it`s way. My very own pocket PC.

  16. is wondering what`s up?

    1. Grond


      Glad you asked. :D I'm going through some exciting life changes so I've been sidelined for a bit, but I can tell from the bench that the Druids are working hard to deliver the best, most optimized game they can.

  17. Yaayyy .. congratz to you and the team.
  18. Hello and welcome Tustanuxo. If you haven`t yet ... head on over to The Elder Scrolls Alliance. That`s where Rider and some core team members got started. It`s where I also began my adventures.
  19. Done... and done. Good show folks. All my hopes for a great response.
  20. Yeah, I`m not good with terminology. I understand your reason. No harm, no foul. Heck...I gotta do something around here once in a while ... if only to prove I`m paying attention. That`s not to say that I don`t enjoy peace and quiet.
  21. Looks good Synergy but I moved this here because it isn`t related to the thread you posted in. I like the writing in Witcher xx ... and then there`s ...of course... Bioshock.
  22. Very interesting Grizz, thanks. I could do this.

    Totally hoping for a significant update so I can post a beard update.

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    2. Donnato


      Actually it`s still got me feeling half asleep all the time. I blame obama. :lmao:

    3. NorthGrizz


      It's not only you, a lot of my coworkers are down with something as well. I blame the hot weather, we've been up around the freezing mark for too long :)

      Hope you're better soon!

    4. Donnato


      Yeah we went from 60s to 80s in one day... that`s when it started.