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  1. Good thing no one is depending on me to come up with ideas in advance. I should have known you were way ahead of the game
  2. Just curious as to whether or not there are plans to get a press release out to some of the gamer websites and mags about the project and announcing the kickstarter campaign.
  3. I feel really stupid considering I have been coming here since the day Rider announced the project and never thought about an introduction..... Okay so I'm slow..... But sure glad to see all my fine friends here Thanks for the milk
  4. I am completely flabergasted that I haven't posted an introduction after a whole summer of checking in. Anyway, I'm Arion and Darkrider led me by the hand through my first mod for Oblivion with his CSBasic Class and got me hooked. I've released a few mods, mostly houses and a few retextures for Oblivion and Skyrim. Currently working on a house mod for Fallout New Vegas ( I'm a slow adapter to anything outside of TES games). Nice to see so many familar faces from the Alliance here. PS.. I brought :cookie4u: Got Milk?