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  1. To be fair, that guy is also a poor "reviewer". Just watching one video of a kickstarter, and not reading anything about it, and then laughing, is not reviewing. That is called "looking at Kickstarter projects". I am sure a lot of those 6.000 people were interested in the project, and saw past this guys poor attempt at a review. Could the video be better? Sure - that is always the case. And yes, gameplay footage is always nice to have in the first presentation. But it is also important to look at a project, and think for yourself; "is this near finished, and they need money for marketing, or is this a game that needs funding to be made?"
  2. Not ridicolous at all. Simply click the "Quote" button next to the one you want to reply to. Using the "MultiQuote" button will let you respond to more than one post.
  3. Welcome to the forums, BeastQueen!
  4. Hey Emma! Love your Vilja mod. How it works is actually inspiration to a feature in the final release of Kvatch Rebuilt!
  5. Greetings everyone! Zaldir, here. I'm a modder and moderator over at NexusMods. Part of the team behind Kvatch Rebuilt, and still stuck working on it. Other than that, I got mods like Viking Village, Gold Horse Courier, Populated Prisons and Creature Diversity. Currently on the Beyond Skyrim collaboration team. Big-time fan of Morrowind, as well as the rest of the Elder Scrolls series (though Morrowind holds the dearest part of my heart!). The project is looking great!