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  1. Yes, content creators are welcome to make content using beta footage of Witanlore Dreamtime! :)
  2. Just popping in to update on our progress. We've shipped Build 16 on Steam EA with a whole caboodle of improvements! This is the last update at the $6.99 price point so if you want the lowest price, don't miss your chance! With Build 17 the game play content doubles so the price will be going up to $9.99. Witanlore: Dreamtime on Steam Early Access We also updated the game play trailer though it's already behind our current state, such is the developers life! :D https://youtu.be/R7Qh9Goahb0
  3. The candles are a courtesy to the pilgrims who come to see him, as well as serving to cleanse the spiritual energies in the hut
  4. Witanlore: Dreamtime on Steam Early Access
  5. We'll be tuning in!
  6. Thank you for your support! You're not blind, it wasn't there. We just updated the forum skin and I'd forgotten to reactivate the donate bar. :D