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  1. Happy Birthday Spectral Dragon
  2. Here you go or maybe tacos?
  3. Hello Spectral Dragon! Have a welcome cookie
  4. Thank you very much for the update! Looks great
  5. What happened to the project? No news/updates/messages for a whole month now ....
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARTHMOOR Old Argonian greeting: May there always be enough water beneath your feet
  7. Great news! Hope the shift will work without problems. btw: you should consider to change the description of your donation section ("Havok Engine Licence for one year. - Donate Today to Help Send Echoes of Twilight into Full Development on Havok's Vision Engine and Bring Dreamtime to Windows PC!")
  8. Now is the time for waiting, waiting, waiting ... (I can only use the edition for the PC) @Guin: What a great theme! Added it at once to my favorite playlist.
  9. I did not find a Happy Birthday Thread here so I simply started this one And today we celebrate the birthday of: pale_rider of the Druid Gameworks Team Happy Birthday to you!
  10. I made my introduction already months ago - remember? http://www.druidgameworks.com/forums/index.php?/topic/109-welcome-to-druid-gameworks-come-in-and-introduce-yourself/?p=371
  11. Finally you found this place here Hello Arion!
  12. Emma is introducing herself (are there really people who don't know her? ...) Hello and welcome Emma!
  13. Hello Zaldir! Well known from the great times of Oblivion
  14. "We hope you will enjoy the show" I am sure we will
  15. I edited mine there too with an image