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  1. Working on a game test platform called Playte.st.
  2. Thanks everyone
  3. @Guin I've worked on a way to identify the features of mobile devices using web technology. This information is important context when testing web games on mobile devices. So besides acquiring the information, I had to design a way (data model) to store it, that will continue to work with all the future developments.
  4. Thanks all! It went well. All grades are out of ten points. 8.5 for internship activities, 7 for thesis, 7.5 for presentation. So quite good Now I'm officially a software engineer, just waiting to receive the official paper that proves it In March, or so I'm told.
  5. Hey hey all! I'm going to graduate in one hour and fifteen minutes! I'll give a presentation, then there's time for questions (aka "defense"), after which they will determine my grades. The end (of my graduate internship) is nigh! If you're on time, you can wish me luck. Not that I need it, but it's polite, right? Have a good one! JibstaMan
  6. *Heavy loud voice* For only 530 dollars, you will get... :cookie4u: cookies, more then you can chew. Join the community now! Oh, and you'll get some game, for those who care. Welcome Coigreach. I hope everything will be fine and you don't have to sue me. I'm not a bank *beep*, but I do fall in the group "anyone"
  7. ||| DarkRider, come work for ME! I've got a job for you, even more intense and busy as the one you're doing now! It will be fun. | (Sorry. Couldn't resist. Please Donnato, delete this message and sorry for the spam )
  8. Welcome welcome! Cookies are the initiation rites, so have
  9. I'm still waiting as well and I've done it before In due time, everything will be alright / fixed / sorted out. DarkRider for the win!
  10. I'm sure they have. DarkRider is very busy I imagine, so be patient and all will be well. He's processing every backer (333) one by one all by himself. In the Guild Hall is also information about when you've donated both on the forum and on kickstarter: "When you receive your Rewards PM it will be at the Tier you pledged at for the Kickstarter. Just reply to your Rewards PM with the amount of your original pledge and we'll adjust your rewards." I hope this helps!
  11. As far as I know, you will get to design an NPC extra. How this process will go and when you'll get this chance is something I don't know. DarkRider might give an indication on that. But I'm sure you haven't missed the boat
  12. Welcome all of you! Great to have new names around here! I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay, since we're all nice people. My brother's nickname was N I T R O, which I stole from him for quite a while. The name came from his snowboard; the "Nitro Magnum" Then I bought a snowboard of my own, which is the "Völkl Squad Jibster" So it goes without saying...
  13. They should put it in the game as an easter egg
  14. I'm now an Intern Game Developer :D

  15. @Off topic, I've done quite a bit of RPG Maker VX as well. I was young (back in 2009) and didn't know much about scripting, but I managed to create custom attacks for the SBS system It was rather fun, but my ideas always tend to get too ambitious, so I never finish projects That are a pair of rocking rocks!