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  1. Hey, I had a suggestion for something that could be a cool marketing tool. At Beyond Skyrim, we are planning to use Mashupforge to create a zoomable world map with map markers that will pop up with screenshots or links to galleries related to the locations the marker is placed on. It could be an interesting way for you to show off the game world to potential backers and players. You can change any aspect of the color scheme and upload up to 20 markers with a free account, though since they're still in Beta I'm not sure what that will eventually increase to. The current map size is 6000x10000 pixels with a maximum file size of 15 mb. If you'd like a few tips on how to get it set up, please PM me. I'd love to lend a hand.
  2. Hi, I'm 1shoedpunk. Gamer, writer, modder, and as of the other day, modeler too. I think it's great that skilled modders are putting their skills towards an endeavor like this and I'll definitely be keeping an eye on it.
  3. A balanced randomized weapon system, closer to Borderlands than Diablo 3, with a fair helping of weapons with pre-defined characteristics. It better reflects the reality of medieval weapon crafting, that not every weapon is created equal, and enhances the looting experience. Models can be made up of several different elements, again, cribbing a bit from Borderlands, so the physical appearance would be randomized as well. Also, a more nuanced economic system could be interesting. Vendors in rural or remote areas could prefer barter and vendors in urban areas could prefer gold. Without knowing too much of your game world, it's a bit difficult to give examples, but, say, if you meet a hermit in the desert who has a gold ring, he'll be much more likely to trade it to you for a gallon of water than a merchant in a city would. Oh, and one last thing for now: a trading game, potentially with a bit of player choice involved affecting the item you get at the end. While you probably don't want to turn this into a point and click adventure game, that sort of a quest chain can be fun, especially if you throw a bit of a twist on it.