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  1. I have trouble believing this spam thread is still active when I came out of the woodwork two years or so later. Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers.
  2. Thrilled to see these kind of developments after being away from here for a couple years. I will re-up my original kickstarter pledge here a.s.a.p. and Gods-speed to my future Ursine friends.
  3. I have to say I am thankful for good friends. I am 3500 miles away from any family, and the past year my survival in terms of having a place to live and meeting the lowest tier of the hierarchy of needs has been due to the generous help of a few good people.
  4. I made a quiche.
  5. 4:20 above, made me want to pick up a claymore and save the world.
  6. I'm on board. Keep kickin'!
  7. Of course I am hoping for more of the satire and randomness we have been seeing lately but I expect we will know enough to keep it within the boundaries of reason and courtesy.
  8. About the music? That's not a bad thing. I personally think a solid soundtrack that fits the mood of the region is an essential part of keeping you engrossed in a game, but that is just my opinion of course. One of the first mods I download on my games is usually a music mod. Whether or not you fill it with lore friendly content is entirely at your discretion.
  9. Potentially explicit Big bold glaring red letters that make you want to look at them, Batteries not included. You've just subscribed to a lifelong subscription of publisher's clearing house. Enjoy the next 40 odd years of junkmail that will be passed down to your children without consent. O,k. not really, but it sounded likely. Do you lurk? Troll. Stalk. Vegetate. Any other derivative of the form. Have you ever had the urge to post something so and random that you felt like guilty, dull, or a disruption of a topic, heartfelt or otherwise? Don't direct that toward a serious topic, or let it affect your serious response. Release it here! You don't even need to type. In fact it is probably better that you don't. Don't contain it and stew until you explode... To be continued. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZB_hAVZLKE8
  10. Welcome! Your enthusiasm is just what is needed, I think. We're all fairly reasonable here from what I have read, even when in disagreement, so please don't hesitate to bounce ideas around on the DGS community. The staff is always quick to respond despite what I can only imagine is a very busy schedule.
  11. You are one ugly pumpkin!
  12. In all seriousness though, I feel like seeing people arriving with interest in helping the project is a good omen, and should bode well for November's Kickstarter campaign.
  13. First you must donate a shrubbery.
  14. Not a problem usually. I mentioned in an earlier topic that I like and endorse the game Dwarf Fortress, which is in its own comical low-bit way, an amazingly diverse game that is based on randomly generated values. Survival RPG if I had to categorize it. Warning: abstract thinking all but required. http://dwarffortresswiki.org/ As for the randomly generated personality matrices, I have to put forth a question and a potential issue that I am hoping is less of a roadblock than immediately comes to mind. Just how intensive would it be for the poor writers of our hypothetical development team to create the actual dialogue that goes along with such randomized responses, attitudes, and tone of spoken word? I mean you take away the need to make unique every single last NPC's dialogue when you randomize, not to mention any +/- stress on the loading of the world, that's a plus. Of course when needed, or triggered by some series of actions, the NPC or even all NPCS in an area/faction/alignment can be assigned specific responses, such as during a quest or major event. However, with the randomization comes a need to write believable, realistic responses to be drawn from a lottery I would assume with some variables affecting probability. Even with all those restrictions it has to come down to a lot of repetition and variation that without a human hand would probably sound ridiculous. What I mean is, you couldn't just plug in an algorithm to dismember sentences and sew synonyms back on without the overall dialogue making no sense or coming out strange. And that's just taking into account the English language. Aah! What is the solution?
  15. Yeah, fair enough. I am on the side of the pendulum swinging for less simplification of values, and from what you said I've got an urge to play Ultima series. I actually really like the idea of focusing on specific virtues as that also gives a person specific direction. It can still be difficult to decipher what is virtuous and what is not from time to time, but in a coming of age or rise of a legend story that has always been a traditional theme. Not so much doing what is heroic and virtuous so much as the journey to that point. ____________ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhRUe-gz690