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  1. I'm sorry, but the stream ended about an hour ago The entire video is available to watch though
  2. If you wish, the link is on the first DarkRider's post
  3. Sorry for the trouble, Donnato. It seems there's some issue with the edit function
  4. Today (October 3rd), at about 3:30 pm EST, a new live stream! That's less than a hour from now!
  5. For that specific CPU and GPU combination, 600W seems to be more than enough. If I remember correctly, the GTX750 is quite low in terms of power consumption (about 60W)? With a CPU that needs 85W average, I believe it still has enough power for every other components. Thinking on the possibility of having a second graphics card installed, perhaps the 600W would start to struggle or wouldn't be able to provide the power to benefit from it.
  6. It seems Windows 8.1 is a nice improvement over 8. I can't tell this by experience, since I'm still working with 7. I'm not at all familiar with acquiring branded desktop PC's. Nowadays, mine are all custom built. In any case, I still think option 1 would suit you better. You can always get a better graphics card later, and still far from the option 2 price tag.
  7. Different specs, I suppose different price tags? In any case, do you know for what purposes will you be using the desktop? Is it mainly for gaming, office work, 3d work... Option 1 seems to me good enough for everyday use. For gaming, I'd check for a better graphics card. I bet you could get a nice one and still be nowhere near the price of the second option
  8. Purrfect?
  9. All the previous tracks have been updated to the new quality standards. We're quite close to 3 hours of music
  10. What was your thesis about (if you are allowed to tell)?
  11. I hope everything worked fine on your side, and no luck was actually required Cheers, mate!
  12. The year started with a brand new checklist of new themes to be prepared. Are we daring to dream and achieve 3 hours of music content? Almost there
  13. Some Windows XP nostalgia, brought by an orchestra: