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    Figure drawing, sculpture, digital media, computer graphics, and character art.

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  1. retopology. yay...

  2. retopology. yay...

  3. working on a new portfolio piece.

  4. Picked up the computer. Forgot the password. Awesome.

  5. Heading to the post office to grab my computer :) its install day.

  6. Computer has left Pheonix, en route, on time.

  7. Computer has left Pheonix, en route, on time.

  8. I would definitely enjoy seeing a select few "epic" boss monsters, unique both in combat style, appearance, and scale. In the vein of Shadow of the colossus, to interject a sort of "puzzle" aspect to combat, with alternate attack styles so they may be taken down with the brute force of a tank type build, or to pull some God of War type crawl along the leviathan combat.
  9. Four days until my computer arrives. Ecstatic!

  10. Concept art is looking great! Im looking forward to seeing the project progress!
  11. Also, To clarify, I am Payton from the alliance (nekronom).
  12. Hey all! Glad to see the pursuit of development alive and well within the oceanic ranks of modders. I stumbled on the hiring ad over at the nexus and hopped on over. Application sent, but regardless of the result, I sub'd to updates to see how everything rolls out. Cheers fellas (and lasses), P PS. Don, I expect to see a braid in your beard the next time I come to town.