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    Level design.
  1. Hey, It's always good to see new people try their hand at modding and wanting to make games! As for myself, I started making content for games back in 2001ish (I'm 19 now) with the good old map editor for Red Alert on the PC. Man those were times, when I could create content with only 16MB of RAM and a dated (at the time, definitely now!) copy of Windows 98! Of course most of it was horribly imbalanced in my favour, but still it lit the spark that drives me to this day- make stuff I wanna play. From Red Alert I moved into the Dawn of War series, creating more maps and dabbling in the 'Object Editor', which allowed me to create insanely accurate space marines to mow down tons of orks but still somehow get overwhelmed. Anyway, as to how I learnt? Trial and error mostly, at the beginning I had little to no access to the internet so asking others for help was impossible, later on I realised I was 4 years late to the party and so I couldn't ask my own questions. So figuring things out became a constant challenge for me. As for now? I mostly mod in Skyrim, though I plan to pick it up in The Witcher 2 and Star Citizen. Tutorials, both written and video are a plenty around the web as well as some in paperback. So my advice to you is this: Have a go yourself, don't know what to do? Try something and then google it, but don't give up. If you really don't know what to do, try to work around it until you have figured it out. We all were rookie's once, we are all getting there, some more so than others. P.S. Don't make my rookie mistake of thinking the BIOS for your PC is the Red Alert scripting mechanic. That's how I ruined my computer back in the early days.
  2. I'd rather chop down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring...
  3. Hello, I am Hallinskioi, I'm a modder over on Steam Workshop and Skyrim Nexus. I came across this project after downloading the awesome CoT mod. I would love to become involved in the project and I'm currently working on my portfolio to apply for one of the level designer positions at Druids!