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  1. True, though personally, I said before, I prefer no levels (outside of increasing a skill) -- and that is where I like GURPS. No need then for levelling enemies or not, just make dangerous areas have more skilled enemies, as it should be (ragtag bandit camp versus professional mercenaries etc). Of course, some bandits will still be good, but overall I hope I got my point across.
  2. No, I was referring to games using levels, such as D&D. I should have made that clearer. In D&D a high level character can take near endless amount of hits from arrow from a low-level bow (i.e., a bow usable by a low level character). But a high-level bow, only usable by a sufficiently high level character was suddenly dangerous again. The only thing that should govern the lethality of a bow should be the strength required to use it and the skill of its user in using a bow. Hope that is clearer, sorry for the confusion.
  3. I loved GURPS for what it did, make skills matter as opposed to this artificial crutch called levels. A bow was still deadly, but you had skills to help you (and possibly armour), which was not the case when a high level character came up against a bow, unless it was, yeah, a high level bow. Also, I feel a lack of levels (except in skills, obviously) cater more towards role-playing and forcing people to think more rather than relying on the fact that they are X level. For instance, you cannot improve in Fast-Talking by killing a few monsters, you would have to actually do some fast-talking to get better at it. Works for both combat and non-combat.
  4. A note here, on my part -- one thing I cannot stand about "levelled loot" is that for some bizarre reason I cannot use it (i.e., Dead Island is a prime example). That makes no sense to me. A beginner can pick up, say, a masterwork blade and use it, just not as well as someone with higher skill (obviously). That is when levels really get annoying, for me. Overall, though, when it comes to RPGs, I admit that I do prefer those with no levels at all, apart from that in skills, i.e., skilled based systems. Just my two copper coins.
  5. I like your ideas. I hope the devs do too.
  6. Understood. But I'd be happy to add to my donation for another copy, just so you know.
  7. I meant pleading/donating for an extra copy (as a surprise). Without having to have him pledge for it (which wouldn't be a surprise). Add-on to my pledge, if you will.
  8. Indeed, I have no idea how anyone can manage to travel the roads of Skyrim, for instance, without numerous guards and all that. Yeah, sure, Bethesda did it to avoid gameplay getting boring, perhaps, but personally I find it annoying to be attacked all the time. Breaks my immersion, and it is a cheap way of avoiding "dull" gameplay. And to add to that -- any predator (and some others) always being hostile doesn't makes sense either. They would end up extinct or very rare indeed. Self-preservation is a big driving force, predators would rather pick on easy targets, since injury can mean death to a wild animal. Once again, mods saved the day there for me. Push to close and perdators will attack, but they won't come sprinting at you from far away.
  9. Oh! Introduction thread, not sure how I missed this one... Anyway, found the first Kickstarter through Skyrim Nexus and Climates of Tamriel, one of those mods that puts so much more life into the game. Now I am not one to haunt forums too much due to time constraints from that pesky real life thing and the fact that I am on too many forums, but it is nice to at least be there, so here I am! There is here and here is there, yup! Ever since I first discovered modding there is no moddable game (and some "unmoddable" games!) that I don't end up modding, at the very least after playing the vanilla. So, when modders decide to make a game, well, how can I resist? I only wish I was rich, so I could help more! Co-op for me would be a lovely bonus, because there are too few games so far, RPGs any way, where I can play with my husband. Which reminds me, any way to get an extra copy of the game beyond having both donate (it'd be a nice surprise). Anyroad, keep at it, don't give up your dream!
  10. That's where mapping/yarn/crumbs come in handy. Unless you use invisible ink/run into a playful cat with a string fetich/end up feeding a monster (appetiser + main meal), of course.
  11. Basically this. Would love to see climbing in a game again, missed it so badly in Morrowind. But it is not cruicial, merely something that made the world so much more interesting -- but I bet also potentially game-breaking situations, if climbing a la Daggerfall was made (any vertical surface, not just pre-set ones).
  12. I shall be here too, even if I cannot be on the forums as much as I may like. But keep at it, one day we shall see Unwritten written into the halls of gaming, for sure.
  13. You're welcome! The trick is always to get the word out, regardless of what it is. Polished campaign or content to die for, doesn't matter, unless "support us on Kickstarter" gets out!