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  1. witanlore

    Everything is still alive. The devs have said that the next update is a large one so they'll be busy with that right now. Also, the Indiegogo campaign starts in October, so prepping that will have kept things busy. Here's the prelaunch page https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/keep-witanlore-dreamtime-on-steam-early-access-rpg-adventure/coming_soon If you're on Twitter then you can get some updates there from @DruidGameworks. I know from my experience that writing something for the public is difficult and time consuming so a quick tweet takes away less development time than a full update. Especially without a full-time PR-type person.
  2. Before we hit a year between posts here... :) I learned about Witanlore due to the Kickstarter (awkward segue incoming) and another project I backed through there is out this Friday. Mystery Science Theater 3000 is back and will be on Netflix. If you've never heard of it, it debuted on KTMA in Minneapolis and ran for 10 more seasons on the Comedy Channel and SciFi. The premise is that a guy is trapped in space with some robots and is forced to watch bad movies by some mad scientists, he and the bots get through the movies by making funny comments about them. (Manos wasn't this slow, get to the point!) It was finally cancelled in 1999 but in 2015 over 48,000 of us raised enough money to make 14 new episodes! All the hard work is done (except for reading this post you mean) so now all that's needed is eyeballs on screens. If you have Netflix or want to try the free month please check out MST3K and get the figures up so we can get more episodes. (Just as long as we don't get more of these posts) Comedy is subjective and not everyone "gets" MST3K but you might enjoy it. Be warned, riffing is addictive (you saying I'm an addict?! I can stop riffing any time I want! I...just don't want to right now) as you discover when you start riffing your own posts on a forum. Thanks.
  3. Happy birthday Casper! Well. Narbo would sell his mother's sandals if he had the opportunity, we shouldn't be surprised :)
  4. Hello and welcome to the community Casper! We don't seem to have working emoticons currently so imagine there's a welcome cookie here for you :)
  5. Good to hear, the jukebox on here is nice but doesn't help when I'm driving around town Just a thought for the future, how about a limited edition release of the soundtrack on vinyl?
  6. Thanks for the link Hana, it's a good interview. I'll definitely be sending the link to some people.
  7. It's showing up for me Don. Down the bottom of the page just above "Who's Online". It's not a flashy thing, more of a subtly outstretched hand accompanied by a cough that sounds like a mountain sheep that just got some mist in its throat
  8. It's a been a bit quiet here while we're we waiting for news so I thought I'd share this joke I found earlier today. A lion is ageing badly, and isn't able to catch his prey as quick as he was able to in his younger days. So, he goes to a costume shop to get a disguise and ends up walking out as a gorilla. Eager to try out this new idea, he goes down to the watering hole and waits for something to come along. A good while goes past and nothing comes near him. At this stage 5 eagles have started circling overhead and one comes down and says "Hi Mr. Lion". The lion, surprised, says "How did you know I was a lion?" Then all 5 eagles start to sing "you can't hide your lion eyes".
  9. Hello Tustanuxo and welcome to the community, good to have you here. We had a lot of fun alpha testing the game, these guys have a put a lot of work into it already and are still at it. Check on here for updates. Here's your Ursine approved welcome cookie!
  10. I wonder how long it would take to code Witanlore for paper tape Coding on tape - computer science A-level 1970s style
  11. Might have to take a look at that game, thanks Synergy. Probably the best written game I know is the game version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, no surprise as the text is written by the late great Douglas Adams (or should that be the late Adamsdouglasadams? ) It's from the 80s and so it's text only but a lot of fun. Two of the items you have are "no tea" and "the thing that your aunt gave you that you don't know what it is" and I'm not going to spoil the surprise of what the game does with a command it doesn't recognise. You don't need to know the radio series/LPs/books/TV series to play the game but it might help...a bit...not much. The game is available on the BBC website and Douglas Adams' site, just google it. Don't blame me if you go crazy trying to get a Babel fish though :P
  12. A bit more serious than most posts here but since I rarely see CH mentioned outside of medical texts and a couple of dedicated websites, I wanted to share this article to spread some awareness about it. http://www.cracked.com/personal-experiences-2122-suicide-headaches-5-realities-worst-thing-ever.html I can't comment on some of the meds they mention but the rest is accurate.
  13. As St David's Day is approaching, 1st March for those of you not in the know, I thought it was time for a Welsh Cake recipe. Traditionally these are made on a bakestone or griddle but If you don't have one then a solid (ideally cast iron) frying pan will do. Put the bakestone on a low to medium heat before you start making the cakes. (Different stoves and bakestones need different amounts of heat) Ingredients 8oz plain/all purpose flour (can be sieved but not necessary) pinch of salt 2oz of butter and 2oz of lard (4oz of butter and no lard is fine) 3oz sugar 2oz currants 1 large egg, beaten This will be enough for around 12 to 16 cakes. It depends on how flat you roll the dough and how obsessive you are about using every scrap of it even though you end up with one weird looking cake as that was all the dough that was left and you're definitely not throwing it out. (It's a Valleys thing.) Rub the flour, salt and fats together until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs (the same as making shortcrust pastry). Add the sugar and currants and mix together. Then add the egg and a tablespoon of water and mix until you have dough. You may need more water, just add a little at a time. Roll out the dough on a floured surface until it's about 1/4 inch thick, then cut into circles using a 3" diameter cookie cutter (or as close to that size as you have). Cook the cakes on the bakestone until one side is golden and then turn them over and cook the other side to the same colour. Welsh Cakes are good cold or warm. They can also be served sprinkled with caster sugar* or split in half, spread with jam and stuck back together. They're most often served with tea. *If you can't find caster sugar then give regular granulated sugar a five second burst in a blender.
  14. Hello Riondose, thanks for dropping by to say hello. As Don says above, alpha testing was fun. Keep an eye on the forums here for news about the game. Here's your traditional welcome cookie .
  15. Welcome to the community. Have a !