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  1. Greetings Druid Game Works community. As many in the world, I'm charged with the ambition of making my own game one day. I currently am going to college to learn game programming, just one of the many skills needed to make a game, though the classes are going quite slow currently. I discovered your community through kickstarter and instantly was drawn, the game I saw in the promo, dares to try and be an actual fantasy game. I appreciate that the game will actually try and have races that are not exactly a "fantasy standard", the bear race, Goblin race and Wolven race are definitely proof of that. I also was pleased to hear how attentive you're making your narrative and story here. Immersive story driven games have been lacking in the game industry lately, so I particularly look forward to that release date. Until that release date however, (I'll be sure to send a proper donation sometime next week), I'll be happy to lend my support in other ways and play a part here in forums.