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Still Alive?

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So, the devs for Witanlore have been noticeably silent for a while now. The latest update was in July, and they haven't updated the Dev Blog since May, nor can I find any recent posts here in the forums about the game's status. I've seen devs dump a game into Early Access, then get bored and leave it. I'm really hoping this neat game won't end up the same.

Witanlore is extremely ambitious for a small studio, so I'd understand why someone would maybe cut their losses and leave it, but it'd feel less underhanded if they at least said they were doing that.

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Everything is still alive. The devs  have said that the next update is a large one so they'll be busy with that right now.

Also, the Indiegogo campaign starts in October, so prepping that will have kept things busy. Here's the prelaunch page https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/keep-witanlore-dreamtime-on-steam-early-access-rpg-adventure/coming_soon

If you're on Twitter then you can get some updates there from @DruidGameworks. I know from my experience that writing something for the public is difficult and time consuming so a quick tweet takes away less development time than a full update. Especially without a full-time PR-type person.

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