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Druid Gameworks F.A.Q

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Druid Gameworks F.A.Q


1) What is Druid Gameworks?

  • We are a federally registered limited liability company formed for the independent development of interactive media software (video games). We are corporately based out of O'Fallon IL, in the United States.

2) Are You Guys Modders?

  • We were modders. Most of our development team got their start in game development as hobbyists modifying other video games like Crysis, Torchlight II, Elder Scrolls, and Fallout. Now we make new retail video titles for business, instead of altering existing titles for fun.

3) What kind of mod is this..

  • Oh, you're funny eh? XD Our current project is not a mod, it is a stand alone retail game made from scratch.

4) Where did your logo come from? What does it mean?

  • Our logo was created and trademarked by Cole MacLean and Mark Buckley. It combines the druid triquetra symbol as an expression of our dominantly Gaelic/Celtic heritages, with a gear image representative of the industry we participate in now.

5) How can we follow your progress?

  • The very best way is to subscribe to our News RSS feed, you can find it HERE whenever we have something to share whether it's a game screen, or a media clip, or even just a bit of developer blogging, it will hit that news feed.

6) Will we be able to mod this game?

  • We are very proud of our modding roots and to us, games you can mod are the best games you can make so it is our goal to design the game with mod authors in mind. At this time it's unclear how Epic will extend its licensing for mod makers, but we have also discussed the possibility of creating our own mod SDK post release to accommodate mod making.

7) What is your estimated time frame?

  • Our current publishing goal is tentatively June 2015, we have some licensing constraints and things that can alter that goal as we go but that's what we're shooting for.

8) How do we find your kickstarter?

  • We are not currently campaigning on Kickstarter and are being funded through the pledges of the Druid Origin Guild. If you'd like to help, click here to review the reward tiers for joining the Guild.

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Any idea on a date for Steam Greenlight launch? I apologize if this question has already been addressed. 

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Kia ora


I came back.

I notice the UE4 logo, Have you guys moved over to Epic's Unreal 4 engine? I downloaded it to have a wee play but hell it's a gonna need tad more knowledge

than the creation kit I manage to get a heightmap from World Machine in to it but I need to learn how to get the base textures right then start on the procedural

landscaping for grass, trees etc, I'm loving that they make so much in the way of assets free for people to tottoo with and learn

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Yes indeed, we switched to UE4 last year in April. It's a great engine we recommend :good:

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