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Donnato (01 February 2015 - 01:37 AM) I see a mALX here.. :D
Donnato (31 January 2015 - 09:29 PM) Yaayy .. :coolup:
Hana (31 January 2015 - 06:17 PM) :coffee:
KrazyHorse (31 January 2015 - 04:44 PM) Got it DarkRider................. :respect:
DarkRider (31 January 2015 - 07:58 AM) Got it and invite sent KH! :good:
DarkRider (31 January 2015 - 07:57 AM) It is close because when I start thinking about releasing it makes me dizzy :faint:
KrazyHorse (31 January 2015 - 07:29 AM) DarkRider: I sent a friend request as you requested... Thanks :biggrin:
NorthGrizz (31 January 2015 - 06:54 AM) Yay March Alpha! :dance: I'm sure you can do it. :thumbup:
Mannimagnus (31 January 2015 - 06:44 AM) The excitement is definitely starting to kick in.. it's getting close. :dance:
Mannimagnus (31 January 2015 - 06:43 AM) Sorry Don, got distracted. :lmao: Great to hear, and everything's great. :D
DarkRider (31 January 2015 - 06:17 AM) We're shooting for Alpha in March, we have a couple hurdles ahead but we're still on track atm so it's looking good
Donnato (31 January 2015 - 05:57 AM) Any Ballpark ETA?
Donnato (31 January 2015 - 05:52 AM) :woohoo:
DarkRider (31 January 2015 - 05:43 AM) Yes, I think everyone Bard level and above is going to have Alpha access, Im pretty sure that's the correct level for access :lol:
Donnato (31 January 2015 - 05:40 AM) Feel free to shoot me a copy if ya wanna outside test. :P
Donnato (31 January 2015 - 05:34 AM) I can only imagine how cool it must be to see this approaching a playable version.
Donnato (31 January 2015 - 05:32 AM) Woohoo ... will some of us be able to get in on the alpha?
DarkRider (31 January 2015 - 05:30 AM) Good good, getting close to alpha its kind of exciting seeing it all come together
Donnato (31 January 2015 - 05:28 AM) :D How`s things?
DarkRider (31 January 2015 - 05:26 AM) Always XD


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You guys are awesome !! Backed you on Kickstarter, follow you on Twitter, Liked you on Facebook.


Wishing you the greatest of successes with this game...

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I hope everything works out! I am loving your game!

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The steam group link doesn't work anymore

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The steam group link doesn't work anymore

That would have linked to the old Steam group. There's now a new group just for the Devs and a public group for Dreamtime. Here's the link to the public group. :)




Dreamtime's also on Steam Greenlight Concepts:



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I got this forum bookmarked. I believe the freshest, breaking news will come out of here first :)

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