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I'm maybe late or outta place BUT

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Kia ora

Sorry I'm still here lurking lol, if I stopped buying assets I'd maybe have more money to fling at your guys lol

I bee fighting with UE4 and trying to get my head round it but it but found some stuff that might be of interest to you












Yes they cost, but what would it cost to make such assets and how much time might they save is maybe the better question right?


Was just a thought, maybe you knew of this stuff or are not interested in asset helpers I have no idea info is useless less it passed on

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Thought I share these,  yes the cost a bit but for those wishing to learn they'er maybe a great start. open one of the demos save as and rename the level and you have a ready build world

to start placing villages towns etc plop in a char and you get to test/play round and LEARN how UE4 works.


For Indies they could save quite a bit money these guys will no dout attest to how much you can spend trying to get an environment done to a good standard

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