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Just played the demo

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Some thoughts (in +/- fashion as usual):

+ Good to see some character models finally in the game.

+ Initial bit of dialogue is thorough and shows signs of player choice.

+ Environment is really starting to shape up.

+ Seeing more customization options in the UI is always great.


- Character models still need a lot of work. They don't look appropriate, too puppet/cartoon-like for the setting. The soft voice acting also contributes to the problem.

- Maybe it's just me but the humor seems to be aimed more at children. I also think the dialogue lines should be put at the bottom of the screen so you can easily see the character's face during interactions.

- I noticed a pretty low fps during my playtime. I know you guys are still working on the optimization but I think this should be a higher priority now that you have a demo out. First impressions are important.

- The default walking speed is far too slow, I felt like I was playing vanilla Morrowind again (and not in a good way!) The flow of jumping also needs some special attention because at its current state it's very difficult to platform even basic ledges.

- The UI could be a bit sharper. The mini-map is quite blurry and there isn't any indication of what the red dots are.

- The font doesn't work well with the setting and it can be hard to see depending on what's in the background. Knowing what you have equipped could be clearer.


Anyway, it's always good to see progress being made, best of luck.


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Hi Synergy,

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, we definitely agree on many of your points and are working to polish and improve those things for Episode 1. We'll continue updating the demo in the future as well. 



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i recently ran through the demo too.

usually i lead with cons.

the fame-rate was a tad low (like skyrim with hd texture mods and a touch of script lag), though still quite playable. perhaps it's my monster of a rig.

animations need a bit of work, especially combat movement. walk speed isn't too bad, though maybe a walk/jogging + sprint function for those that complain about the walking speed. (like in skyrim)

and the character models do need a bit of work.

the character voices don't really sound like what i'd think talking bears would sound like, but it doesn't actually bother me, so that's more of an observation than a con.

--yes. that's basically what the OP said...

now, the pros.

the environment is quite stunning, the shading/lighting, textures etc... (though the water needs a bit of work, not much... just a little)

i too liked the ui, though in the demo, the map could have used a quest-marker or two (i couldn't find the character's foster father for instance)

i liked the dialogue, even the humor... though that could mean i'm just a juvenile 32/33 year old.



it just occurred to me that i didn't add my final opinion on the demo... well, i found it quite enjoyable. even though i never found... um, kit'ke (is that how it's spelled?)

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