Greenlight Is Go!

The time has come to launch on Greenlight! Today at 12pm EST we will be pressing that big green button and introducing Witanlore: Dreamtime to the Steam Community! Be sure to stop by and lend your vote to the pile. We have never before seen screenshots, lots of new info, and of course the media offerings abound. We are so grateful for the support that has brought us to this grand stage and we hope you are all very proud of how far the project has come. This link will take you to the Greenlight page but until we launch it will return an error, just check back after 12pm EST. Link to Greenlight


Heading to Greenlight

We are heading to Steam Greenlight on March 25th!!! We have brought the project far enough that we feel ready to put it out there to the Steam Community for a vote. We will be unveiling new details about the game, all new screenshots, the full prologue cinematic in high resolution detail, and the long awaited game play trailer which will show our potential players just what we have been working on these many moons. Be sure to bookmark the date!


Playable Demo In Testing

Leading up to our debut on Steam Greenlight we did a lot of research on how to optimize our campaign to ensure Dreamtime would put her best foot forward to our potential players. Two things that really jumped out as must haves were a game play trailer and a playable demo. We took a small segment from Episode One which is nearing release and pulled together the gameplay elements needed for a demo and created a fun demo level that will introduce players to our game in a hands on way. This week the demo is heading into testing by our closed beta group and that means you’ll soon have a chance to play for yourself on Greenlight! Be sure to follow us on social media for the latest Greenlight news!


Latest Teaser Hits 1000+ Views

After a week on YouTube, our cinematic prologue has racked up 1000+ views! If those views were Greenlight votes we would be well on our way to a Greenlit release so be sure to stay tuned for our Greenlight launch where you can enjoy part two of the prologue, play our demo, and vote us up! Everyone at Druid Gameworks is so grateful for the dedicated support we receive from all of you, it really helps put our goals within reach; we salute you. Please keep sharing the prologue link with your friends and followers and let’s see if we can reach 2,000 views together!