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Posted by DarkRider 

Jul 14 2014 08:31 PM

Video Dev Blog #1: Developing a Dream

Development on Dreamtime is going very well and it's awesome to see the pieces starting to come together enough to actually look like a game. When the year began, Dreamtime was nothing more than a few notes in the Echoes of Twilight dev plan; an alternate start for Ursine players. Since then the story has grown and evolved to be worthy of a standalone title and we're very proud of the direction the project has taken. Considering how much of the year was spent designing the game on paper and learning a whole new engine, we're making development leaps at this point!

The dreamworld is a scene where players will travel during their vision quest to learn about their destiny from the Ursine's patron goddess, The Great Mother. The object of the scene is to navigate through the twisted, misty, world and reach the temple of the goddess in hopes of having an audience with the deity; who is said to be both beautiful and terrifying. For the first time, Dreamtime appears on film and we're really excited to show you how we turn concepts into game content every day, enjoy!

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